Enhanced bursary funding to support learning and development is now available!

August 9, 2022

Enhanced bursary funding offers support for early learning professionals to grow their skills.

Enhanced bursary funding supports ECEs with flexible, credit and non-credit learning and development opportunities. Educators can each apply for up to $500 to support a variety of learning and development opportunities, such as:

  • place based on the land and experiential learning opportunities;
  • Yukon First Nations ways of knowing, doing and being;
  • conferences and workshops; and more.

Enhanced bursary funding for professional development is available to support the creation and delivery of opportunities like:

  • conferences and seminars,
  • collaborative research or curriculum development,
  • mentorship and networking events, and more.

Individuals, early learning program operators and other interested organizations can apply for up to $5,000 in funding support to create and deliver professional development experiences for ECEs.

Early learning programs and educators are encouraged to reach out to for more information about opportunities, funding, and additional support.