Yukon early learning educators

Professional development community

This is a space for early childhood educators to learn, explore and grow together as a community.

It all begins at an early age.

Our view of ourselves, others and the world begins in our earliest years. These views set our course for the years to follow. As early childhood educators, the work you do today, shapes childrens’ futures.

This community aims to help you:

  • promote child-led discoveries to inspire their confidence to innovate solutions to tomorrow’s challenges;
  • direct purposeful play to develop skills children will need to create a strong and healthy community;
  • model the empathy and care you hope to see reflected in children as empathetic and caring adults;
  • listen to, learn from and support the work of Indigenous knowledge holders and Elders with the understanding that education is key for reconciliation; and
  • celebrate the unique culture and background of each child ensuring that they see themselves, their cultures and their identities reflected in their environments.

The future of our society begins with the next generation. Today and every day, early childhood educators are shaping tomorrow’s worldview.

"Investing in early childhood educators is an investment in the future of a happier and healthier Yukon."

Minister of Education Jeanie McLean

Child looking through a toy camera with an unidentifiable outdoor background.Child looking through cardboard tube binoculars while standing in tall grass.

See the future. Look to early learning.

The way children see the world today will create the world we live in tomorrow.

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We are all leaders

As early childhood educators, we are all leaders. We are not only leaders to the children in our care – we also provide leadership and support to colleagues, families, and our communities.

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Environments that inspire

Our role as early childhood educators is to create relationship-driven, responsive, inclusive and thoughtful environments in which each child can thrive.

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Building connection

Every day there are opportunities to build connections with others, opportunities to create attachments that last a lifetime. Attachment supports the healthy development of children, families, and communities.

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Embracing change

As we shift into a new year, take the time to reflect on the changes in your life. How do you view and adapt to these changes? Understanding ourselves will help us to understand others, including the children and families we support as they navigate the changes in their lives.

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