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September is a time for learning

As students return to school, early childhood educators also have an opportunity to nurture curiosity and creativity, to focus on personal growth, learning and development. Spend time this month learning, listening and reflecting on the role early childhood educators have in reconciliation.

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The wonder and joy of outdoor play

Outdoor games, cultural funds, mud kitchens and more. Read the June 2022 newsletter from the The Early Learning and Child Care team.

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Enhanced bursary funding to support learning and development is now available!

Enhanced bursary funding is available for non-credit learning and professional development opportunities to support early learning professionals to grow their skills.

Learning and development funding

Cultural resource funding is available again!

The Cultural Resource Funding and Culture Enhancement Project Funding supports licensed early learning and child care programs and early childhood educators to provide culturally responsive materials, programming and experiences to the children they nurture.

Cultural resource funding

Growing a garden, growing community

A garden is a perfect metaphor for early childhood education. We plant seeds of love and care, nurture with guidance and affection, and hope to see the outcomes of our work as children grow and thrive.

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Holding space, creating connection

As educators, we have opportunities to create supportive and inclusive environments for each child in our care. An inclusive early learning culture ensures that all children can be actively and meaningfully involved in play and learning alongside one another.

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See the future. Look to early learning.

Our views of ourselves, others and our world begins in our earliest years and sets the course for all the years that follow. If you want to see the future, look towards the work early childhood educators are doing with the children of today.

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Unique as a snowflake. Celebrating our diversity.

At this time of year, seasonal book collections are full of stories celebrating snowflakes – their uniqueness, diversity and beauty. Like snowflakes, children are also capable in their uniqueness, and full of potential.

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