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Holding space, creating connection

As educators, we have opportunities to create supportive and inclusive environments for each child in our care. An inclusive early learning culture ensures that all children can be actively and meaningfully involved in play and learning alongside one another.

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See the future. Look to early learning.

Our views of ourselves, others and our world begins in our earliest years and sets the course for all the years that follow. If you want to see the future, look towards the work early childhood educators are doing with the children of today.

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Unique as a snowflake. Celebrating our diversity.

At this time of year, seasonal book collections are full of stories celebrating snowflakes – their uniqueness, diversity and beauty. Like snowflakes, children are also capable in their uniqueness, and full of potential.

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Do you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up?

Children often have dreams of what they want to be – dreams rooted in wonderment, curiosity and experience. From their favourite storybook character to their favourite person, a child’s dreams of what they can become is limited only by imagination.

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